This is an updated bio, my name is Heather, i live in Australia with my seven other siblings, (no we are not cathlock!) and attend Monash University studing for my B.A in Visual and Meadia Arts.  i am 20 years old and intend to go into animation as a charicter desighn  artist or would like to work as a teacher.  i love art and find it more than a "thing i just do" and hope to some day show the world what i can really do. allthough this was the first art sight i ever put my work up on i am usualy found reagualy at my Deviantart sight:http://girl-with-a-top-hat.deviantart.com/  so if you would like to see more up to date work by myself i would sugest going there.  there is so much more i could say but at the moment i cant think of it so, thank you for viseting, please enjoy my work and i will endever to get some more reacent images up.           I like music, art, history, dancing, anamation and books. Favourite movies i dont watch a lot of tv but when i do i love a good mistery, and a bit of sifi or fantesy thrown in is just a bonus. I like the new doctor who mostly becorse it combinds both mistery and sifi. i havent found any thing els that is like it and still pelatabul to my tast althow that mirlen thing is looking prity promesing. too bad we all know morgana is evil. Favourite books favourite book: there so many i couldn't name just one. I like Deltora Quest series, The Unicorn Queen series. Also Maximum Ride and eragon and the list gose on and on and on...... you get the pic, i read alot. Favourite music good holesome stuff that has no bad langueg and thems. I have a lot of brothers and sisters that are apt to singing words they arnt realy listning to, so i have to be carfull of what i am playing on my radio.