Michelle Williams

I find I do the human form the most..>.>...okay so...humanoid form anyhow. I like fantasy because it allows some freedom for creativity. Sometimes I'll draw the picture first and come up with the story of chracter later. I love to role play both online and tabletop (D&D or Palladium). I'm into video games and anime as well, I suppose I do get ideas from these things as well as my love for mythology. In fact I created my own role play world for tabletop using a combination of my own ideas and actual mythology, its still in the works *whew* big project. I use prismacolor pencils the most simply because I'm poor and acrylics are expensive...-.- oh well. I don't consider myself the best artist nor the worst artist either, I do strive to improve though I have attachment to some of my older works in spite of obvious flaws. Welp guess thats about all for now! ^.^ Check out these other great artists!: my buddy 'Ad-o' Mandy's art rules!