Tsune Orozco Toda

Born in mexico city ,lived here all my childhood. moved up north to the border in 2004 and 1 year later to Buenos Aires, Argentina working as a 2DGFX and Pixel Artist for Gameloft where I stayed for 4 years. came back home in Mexico City late 2009.this is a sample of the things i do..(old works in deed) I played Rpg's (AD&D, Exalted, Vampire, Werewolf, D&D3rdE, Rifts...) for more than 20 years and i used my characters as inspiration to make most of these illustrations. trying to play again.. D&D 4thEDIf you feel like visiting some more galleries around here, take a look at these:The guy who introduced me to elfwood: Ulises Rosas GarciaBeautiful: Carolina Hafner You can also take a look at Memo 'Rynson' Sanchez's stuff,  best Game Master/Storyteller I had.And, if you still have some more spare time,  you can visit these awesome guys atLucid Raven Productions / 'Allegiance: War of Factions' a CCG for which I did some stuff.Tower Siege The non-CCG by Arcane Games in which i have some images too.Chimerae Hobby Group a good source for new accesories and adventures for roleplaying.And just in case anyone was wondering. I work with a  Wacom tablet, Corel Painter (poof!)  and/or Photoshop.Take a click around Gameloft and perhaps see a pixel or two that I fixed or moved, lol.Thanks for your visit, and your comments. I'll answer all comments, may take some time.. some months.. but eventually i will ... I like WoW, Orcs, Vikings, Norse Myths. Favourite movies LOTR. Matrix Favourite books Perdido Street Station, The Scar, The Iron Council, -- China Mieville Favourite music Depeche Mode, Therion