Wellcome, fellow adventurers, visitors!!! Born: 1987 November Country: Hungary Gender: Male Power level: growing!I will do commisions for free! Dragons, wiwerns, anime-manga, whatever. Also like to coop!A my art: I want to make as realistic pics, as possible. I always imagine them, but they endup something fare more different... I think, that it is important to make a fearsome dragon likely as the knight, the angels, as likely, as wierd monsters. Somehow I am not fond of demons, nor the elves. Some drawings couldn't made it to Elfwood, cause their size is too mutch.  Please, hungarian visitors, comment in hungarian (magyarul örömömre szolgálna válaszolni, igazán köszönöm). Thank you, truely for entering my page, and do enyoy my work :)...If have a spare Dimensional warp please tell me. I'll be there in a minute (by teleport)That picture above is 5 years old now and from the time I not had long ears (30cm)Normally I practice Leung Ting Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Si-Fu: Norbert Máday. Si-hing: Norbert Hubert. It is since October the 2008. I leveled upp some and want to train every day.  I like it, cause it is a technique the weak can defend itself from the strong. Best weapon is the chainpunch. Cak keep it up for 20 miutes with 3 punch in a single second! My record is 350 punches in a minute that is 5.7/second - World record is around 8.8/second. I like Dimension doors, spacewarps, Einstein-Rozen gateways, teleport etx. And high level (DND rate: above 10) summon and materialising spells Favourite movies Dexter's lab (it is a cartoon so what?) Favourite books The Hobbit Favourite music Mecano - Hijo de la luna (in French)