Hi! My name is Fernanda! Here are some facts about me! LOCATION: Puebla, Mexico GOALS IN LIFE: Become a great artist or singer. INSPIRATIONS: My own little world LIKES: Candy, peace, inciense, the sky, mushrooms, plants, to draw (obviously), hanging out with nice people, H.I.M., Nightwish (They rock! don`t they?) DISLIKES: war, dishonesty, red meat, racism, butterflies (they are evil) I hope you guys enjoy my art! I try to do my best! :Þ Please leave me comments. I love them! Sometimes it will be a while for me to reply but I swear I read them! Thank you for spending your time on my little place at the woods and I hope you come back soon! :) ********UPDATE******** I just got my dear Adobe Photoshop so probably I will be working on pictures this way from now on! :) Thanks for your comments!