Weird Chimera

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Fernando CalabrĂ³

Not as i pretended, but i still like the result. Instead of making a 3 headed chimera, why not trying to ' combine' into one? BTW, his Clumsy and disproportioned look is intentional 'Thousand of years ago, during the Amarath (The Rising of the Fallen), Mages of the Chaos side attempted to combine multiple creatures into a ' superior' beast to bring terror to the side of Order. This were crude attempts, only grafting parts of multiple beasts into one. Of course, this experiments were a total failure, but the name of Chimera was born. But, during the Amarath, Mages of both sides developed an spell that proved to be incredible powerful in the battlefield, the Shigera, or Void. This spell at bare sight, just 'erased' everything within its radius of effect, but years later, we learned that the true about this spell was that it acted as a gate to send everything into his path to another dimension. In this dimension, no law of our world was appliable, and apparently, anything (including the flesh and bone) could be combined into a foul mixture. Sadly, this spell worked both ways, when it was casted, the 'hole' between dimension sometimes remained open, tough invisible to normal eye. The Sages of the Chaos side were atonished when they began to discover unknow beasts of horrible shapes into the battlefields were the spell was used. Tough this 'beasts' were highly unstable in our world, by indiscriptble means they somehow managed to 'evolve' and stabilize them (seemingly, using the same method to create the Obsidian Dragons later on) , being amongst them, this creature, now know as Chimera.'

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