Obsidian Dragon

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Fernando Calabró

Inking if Fun!!! :D To be spellchecked in a indeterminated future :D 'The Obsidian dragons first arose during the war of the Fallen, about seven centuries ago. Altough we don´t know exactly how they were originated, the little bits of information we could gather pointed towards being artificial created, altough to a much higher level than a golem or even an homonculi, because, even with their 'masters' dead long time ago, they´re still active. Anyways, the supposed method that the dark priests used was to take an already existing (and dangerous) creature, the Black Vipers (whoa! super original name!!!), and then, possibly using the same spells and seals to 'shape' the chimeras, they began to reform them, feeding the creatures with the already magic embebbed flesh of the Silver and Gold Dragons killed during the war, and finally, they added and obsidian stone, presumably as some sort of power amplifier or just a restrainer, we´ll never know. Anyways, during the heat of battle this dragons proved to be extremely deadly, not only because of his attacks methos (which i´ll explain later), but also because of their cunning intelligence, normally camouflaged under an violent and reckless looking behaviour. There bodies were a weapon, having amongst their arsenal a saw-like tail, finished with 3 replazable poison stings, poisonous fangs, sword-like retractable front claws, and finally, a sickenly fast 'flying' speed. In the defensive side, they body is covered by incredibly strong plates, that, added to their incredible regenerative capability (it´s know stories of warriors who claimed that they were able to amputate one of their extremities, and when they came back to finish them a couple of days later, they´ve already regenerated the lost limb), and finally, they seem to be covered by a fine coat of an acid-like substance, which is secretated from the 6 glandules at their tails, and just like some birds, they groom themselves using it (!). Since they have a built in resistance against it, this 'acid' helps them to prevent infections, and also, to neutralize any kind of odor they may have. Finally, probaby because of the powers of the Obsidian Stone in their chest, they can hover at will and strike their grounded preys mercilessly. Thankfully, they don´t seem to be able to procreate, so, altough they have and incredible longevity, they´ll eventually dissapear from this world. As a final note, we could say that we won the war thanks to them...since it´s known in the demon folklore that this beasts eventually attacked their masters...altough the motives are unknown' Uff..some things about the creature, the hind legs do look underdeveloped on porpouse, also, talking about underdevelopment, the wings are not used to fly at all, they´re there as a decoration ^^.

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