I haven't been so good at keeping my Elfwood site updated, but I can't give it up entirely - this is the first artist community I joined, years ago, and I'll always be a fantasy artist deep-down (even though I deal mostly with photography now.)About me:*I'm happily married to my knight in shining armor.*I'm working full time at an insurance company. (It pays the bills so that I still have time for art!)*I've been involved in my local art community and actually sold some pieces in the past year - yay!*I'm planning a trip to Europe this summer - SO EXCITED! Some other projects I'm working on / Sites I am affiliated with / Other art galleries: My Online Store!!  - my art on stuff!  Check it out.. it's fun to think that someone, somewhere, is wearing my art around on their shirt or has it slapped onto a notebook or something. :) On that note - if you're interested in any piece of art here, and would like to either own a professional-quality print of it, or the original, email me and let me know. I'm cheap. ^-^ My deviantART Gallery - includes some non-fantasy work and even some of my old photography. My deviantART Stock Photo Gallery - includes over 800 photos, mostly of myself.. all available as stock photos for artistic use.