Natalie Paquette

I don't make fan art very often anymore.  I have too many of my own ideas and not enough time.  ... but sometimes I update this account.  Really!And now, for the unabashed self-promo - PLEASE look at my online shop! CLICK HERE.  You can buy my artwork on stuff.  Really. - Some other Fan Quarter galleries you should look at -My Sister's Fan ArtDonna 'I. Dragmire' Evans -- she's got some GORGEOUS Lucius piccies. *swoon*Katrina Young -- YES! HALDIR!! *points* Go! Look! Worship! .. now!Kelly 'Elfzilla' Lynch - Funny LotR schtuff. And she made the Haldir tour!

The Siren's Song

We read 'Ulysses' by Tennyson today in my Poetry class, and began discussing the man the poem was about. There's a myth about how he was sailing by a place where sirens were known to call sailors to their death, and how he had all of his men put beeswax in their ears so they wouldn't be tempted, but he had himself tied to the mast of the ship so he might learn their song and not be pulled to them in the process. Supposedly, he's the only man to have heard the Siren's Song and live. .. So I got to thinking what the Siren's Song might be, and I composed my own. It was purposefully written in simple trimeter quatrains in the hope that one day I will be able to actually come up with a tune and sing this myself... (for a laugh, if nothing more.) - Illustration is a photo manipulation of myself - for a larger version and more info, check it out here in my Art gallery.

Fear - Chapter 1

Since I realized this story will never get finished, and therefore never get published, I have no qualms about sharing it here. This is all I have so far - I've got a lot more sitting in my brain, but I'm not sure if it will ever get out on paper. Such is the curse of laziness. ^-^ Oh! Yes, this is a story about vampires. See the introduction I have elsewhere in my library if you'd like a little more information.


This is a poem that resulted from me forcing myself to write poetry one day on break at work. I think it's sort of funny. And I would love to see if any artists out there would like to draw Bahl'zaroth - I'm not so good in the male monster/demon/possibly dragon category when it comes to artistic ability. >. Written July 8th, 2004

Child of the Night

This is just a poetic version of what an elder vampire might tell its fledgeling. *shrug* It's a few years old - four, at least. ^-^ But I'm still fond of it.

A Single Spiral

A poem written after reading Jane Yolen's 'Here There Be Unicorns' book and appreciating the topic. Illustration is by me, sketched quickly with pencil. I have never in my life drawn a horse before. ^-^ Completed May 4th, 2004.

Noble Werewolf

A poem about a woman who finds herself to be a walking (sometimes on all fours) contradiction, without my usual rhyme and meter scheme.

The Reluctant Vampire

... I really don't know where this thing went after the first two stanzas... can't even really say I'm happy with it. ^-^ Ah well. Another poem involving a vampire. Maybe one day I'll get around to doing an illustration for it.

A Modern Faerie Tale - The Frog Prince

This was done for my children's literature class. It's stupid. ^-^ But it's made a number of people laugh so I thought I'd put it up here. Completed in late April of 2004.


I like to pretend that Phil and I are mermaids, or that maybe I'm a mermaid and he's a knight (there's an illustration coming of that, by the way!) - so this is the result of that fantasy. Written August 23rd, 2004.

Dance of the Fae

Two old role-playing characters of mine, Lorelei and Tammy (sister faeries) inspired this poem - although flighty and given in to silly indulgences, they're both quick-witted and fearless. I'm not sure if the end of my poem really brings that out, but... read it and see if you can figure out what I was trying to get at. -- Hint removed! (feel free to ask via leaving a comment if you can't figure the end of it out.)

Tah'lhinn - A Vignette

Tah'lhinn is an old character of mine, based loosely upon myself. (She is, at least, visually based on me - and of course we share more than a handful of personality traits.) She comes from a matriarchal society of people, where women outnumber the men about 10 to 1 (because of a strange genetic trait, they are simply more likely to bear females than males). They worship the moon, and 'tah'lhinn' is the name of their most sacred flower, something akin to a white rose whose petal tips are tinted blood red. Blood is sacred to them - it houses life and the soul, and their ancestors, the mun-dai, are very much like vampires. ANYWAY - for more info, check out her website. ^-^ I'm not done with her other story, (check out 'wildest mythology' on the site), but eventually... it will be written. Really, I swear. ^-^

Unwanting of Darkness

.. very, very old (at least 5 years) little snippet of nothing relating to vampires. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and it doesn't quite develop into a story, but just remains as a ... short, moving image that I feel compelled to describe with words. Sometimes, vignettes can be more compelling and poignant than full stories.

Hanging by a Thread

This is a poem inspired by my Greek Mythology class; the Morae have always been a subject of intrigue to me. (They're the three sisters who control birth, length of life, and death - all with string.) Maybe because I do so much braiding, knotting, and sewing. ^-^

Mistress of the Tide

This is the result of me forcing myself to write more often; this was scratched out after my neurology midterm. I think I'd like to make an illustration for it at some point.

Fear (Introduction)

I wrote this very randomly one day, and then as I was scribbling away a story began to form itself in my head. I'm currently working on it (three pages so far - huzzah!), but if I post any of it here, it will only be little snippets, because IF I ever finish it, I'd like to try and get it published. IF is the key word here ... writing in the first person, telling a story and reflecting on it in the 'now' is a very difficult thing to do. And I'm description happy. But I'll do anything for my vampire characters. ^-^