susie french

well I've decided to update the about me...i think i've changed a bit in the last year.  I'm an abnormal teenager, I dont really hang out with people my age much, instead I opt to hang out with people old enough to be my parents. I turn off the TV and opt to read books. I love reading. No commercials, and its a total escape from the real world...until mom says she needs me to do something or I have to go to the barn to feed the animals. I live on a farm. The animals are my world. They're much better than people. I believe in all things mystical and mythical, and will continue to until its proven that they dont exist. (kinda hard to prove some things dont exist.) Well theres a lot more to me than that, but if you're interested in getting to know me better, you can talk to me on here, or email me at  I like I love animals, reading, sewing, quilting, and magic. Favourite movies twilight, Harry Potter, Stardust, Spiderwick, SKin walkers, vamp and werewolf movies are some of my favorites. Favourite books Twilight series, Tithe (modern tales of faerie) Chronicals of Faerie, Harry Potter, Vampire academy, house of night, among others. Favourite music i pretty much listen to everything. except for rap.

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