Thomas Anlauf

I' am 26 years old and drawing is one of my favoorite hobbies. The fantasy world of "The Legend of Nighthawk" now grows for about ten years now. My brother Sven and me invented that Name in the year 1990. After beeing unsecessful of creating a online-RPG (too big!), I created a Comic (see my HP!) and a short story (see: " Der Zahn des kalten Gottes" - the tooth of the Frost-God), which play in the world Ion. At the moment I write the rule-book of the Pen&Paper-PRG, which will include many of my pictures. The time I have finished it, you will be able do download it from my HP for free. I hope you enjoy my pics.GreetingsThomas I like drawing, Judo, Jogging Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Conan, aso. Favourite books The dark elf books of R.A. Salvatore Favourite music Blind Guardian, Subway to Sally, aso.