Jordan Fiander

Welcome, Bienvenue, Hola, Wilkommen... well you get the idea.  Welcome to my art gallery.  I've been drawing since I was a wee lad. Of course back then, they weren't much more then scribbles, however my parents saw in me some talent and encouraged me.   I'm primarily self taught, reading Spider-man and Super-man, along with some Christopher Hart books.  I've enrolled in several art classes, though none ever caught my interest.  I've got a sketch book, but my best work was always done on the margins of my math notes (much to the aggravation of my teachers).Of course, drawing took a backseat to the schoolwork when I got to my senior years in highschool (explaining the lack of updates for the past... two years... wow), however now that I have graduated, the updates should start flowing more smoothly.My dream is to fly in much the way that bricks don't. However seeing as how that has been deemed pretty impossible, my only solution is to find some alternate dimension where gravity does not exist. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to travel at right angles to reality.Back to sensical discussion.  I used to draw on paper, but since the recent aquisition of my (very pretty) Tablet PC, most if not all of my drawings have been entirely digital.  I find it much more convenient anyways.  It seems that without the worry of wasting paper, my drawings pour out of my hand like the exodus of ants from an ant-hill. It is for these not-so-witty analogies that I am known.During your perusal of my gallery you will no doubt find that I have attempted to colour my drawings using Photoshop.  You will also no doubt find that I didn't do a very good job.  Human beings are almost entirely unique in their ability to learn from their experiences and mistakes, as well as the experiences and mistakes of others.  They are also remarkable for their extreme disinclination to do so.  I try to learn from what I have done wrong with my drawings in the past, as well as what others have done right with theirs, and I adapt it into my style.  For that reason, my style is constantly evolving.  You live and learn. Well, at any rate you live... I aim to do both.The difficulty in writing this is that it is quite different from anything I have written in a while... the majority of that is letters to the ruling body of the universe, demanding that it stop creating self-contradictions.  They kept sending replies that anything I couldn't cope with was my own problem.  Everytime I finish a sentence here I emit a little giggle and do a little hop.  Unfortunately, my ceiling is rather low... I know have a headache.  This is also getting a little on the long side, and my hands are starting to ache.  They ache like... well... they ache like my head aches.To summarize: I draw. Welcome to my gallery. Look around and enjoy yourself, and feel free to leave some comments here and there.