Frieda Raevels

Hiya:) As you might know by now, I'm an animation student, but my interests are more drawn to comics and illustration, because they are more in keeping with my style:) I enjoy drawing rather realisticly but with a comic/manga twist:) Allthough I'm trying to go for a more individual style:) Fave materials to work with are just pencil and watercolour:) I'm working on a entire world for my woodcats and I'm trying to make a 'Dinotopia' inspired book where I can explore and illustrate their customs and things like that:) I'm very influenced by Art Nouveau and early 20th century illustrations (the ones with the heavy black outlining). I absolutely adore the lines and the subdued colouring:) If you're interested in a commission from me, don't hesitate to mail me. I'm taking anything from fantasy art (check gallery) to Fanart:)