stephanie j. king

welcome to a glimps into the world in my head!  look around, please feel free to coment.  will be trying to get more verity to my gallery but for now you will just have to make do with my many backgroundless nekojin. all are welcome to email me with any questions.... or maybe even requests (:D).   and maybe you could visit my buddy-  Emma .C. (''Bloodhawk'') Shave though you have to watch out for her turnip warriors and the satanic cows ^_~ Collaborations are welcome.   And now i have some art that isnt really SF&F or fan art, or writen works.... or drawn for that matter,  So i have started a deviantART account (which i swore i'd never do but w/e) .   mostly photography (all artistic and NO people) on there right now, but i will be putting all my character profiles on this site because there will be 160 all told.  i also have a Y-gallery account, no smut(yet ^_~)