Changed my pic again. This one's a little more like me. And a little less 'Shrek' my best artwork is not elfwood acceptable (i.e. copies, non-fantasy) so if you're interested in seeing it (its mostly Final Fantasy work and pictures of teapots...i know someone with a teapot fetish...) go here: http://photos.yahoo.com/heart_strings_song . Also, I do portraits and commissioned work for free (what can I say, I get bored a lot). I have several examples. Just drop me a line. Oh, and...if you're going to leave a comment, please, PLEASE, don't just leave me an 'I like it' 'i hate it' and leave. How is that supposed to help me improve my drawing skills? I beg you, commenteers, EXPLAIN why you like/dislike my work. :) Also, I've opened up an account at DeviantArt (http://jabberwocky.Deviantart.com) which also has several photographs I've taken of landscapes and waterscapes and a ton of sunsets/sunrises.