Name: K. Fletcher Nicknames: You may call me “Fletch”, if you like. Age: 23 Birthday: November 26 Elfwood member since: July 2002 Mainly uses: pencil for drawing, CG for coloring, although I do enjoy trying out different materials. Comment policy: I do appreciate comments, and most likely I will reciprocate the love (i.e. you leave a comment at my gallery, I'll probably swing by yours and leave one as well). Sometimes I get a little busy, so it might take me awhile to reply but it will happen eventually ^_^   ***UPDATE 1/7/06: Hey now, got a Fanquarter gallery. There's not much there, but two pictures are newer than any of this stuff (which isn't saying much...) Check it out, yo.***UPDATE 7/30/05: Still not an actual update (geez, I don't think I've had one in over two years!), but I did remove a few pics: Deleted: 'Angel With a Sword' 'Angel With a Sword -- Color' 'Watcher' 'Wounded Mage -- Colored' Elfwood Artists: Jen 'sukieo' Bamford Even though the Evil Undead Ninjaz has officially disbanded, she'll always be my personal Overlord ^_^ Her art is way cool too, so you should check it out! Leah Coghill One of the nicest people you'll ever meet in Elfwood. Plus, her unique and beautiful artistic style totally rocks! If you're seeking quality work, look no further.