Lindsay Florence Morrison

Well, I thought this whole Fan-Quarter thing was quite nifty, and thought I should join. I suppose that's all I have to say at the moment. Much of the stuff here is pretty old. Now that I have a motivation, I may start doing more fan-art, though. Also, I have moe stuff that I will be scanning.... eventually...

Bed Monsters

I have no idea what provoked this story... but here it is!

Rabid Gerbiles from Outer-Space!

*shrug* What can I say? I was high on caffine...

The Making of Monsters

This is a poem I wrote in the style of this Jane Yolen poem I once read. I wrote it for English class.


I wrote this a very long time ago. Ah yes, I remember the days well, before I became morbid and corrupted... but that's a different story. :o)

What if Jesus Ate a Cheeseburger?

Alright, well, my story about my motivation in writing this is not near as interesting as some of the comments I've gotten, so I'll just leave you with this: I know very little about Christianity, so I'm sorry about any inconsistancies, AND I'd like to think that I'm laughing with Jesus, not at him.


This has a very long story behind it. It all started in second grade... Ok, I'll spare you. Anyway, I took out the brand names of 'Nike' and 'TOR' so I wouldn't get sued or something. :o)