Long time fantasy and sci-fi fan, artist and writer.  I am a Christian Fantasy and sci-fi writer and found often this is misunderstood by almost everyone, especially Christians!  LOL    I have two Novels published: The Bondmate Chronicles/  Haze of Joran.    I endeavor to make my work uplift and encourage others toward HOPE and not depression; POSSIBILITY and JOY rather than darkness and sorrow.  Not enough light and hope in the world...  Not enough have found HIM from whom the Light flows!  My joy is to be as good an ambassador of His Love as I can to a hurting, wounded and dying world.     I like Horses, songwriting, writing with talented young writers and trying to help them polish their work and GET PUBLISHED. Favourite books Guardian King Series- Karen Hancock, Dragonspell series by Donita K. Paul, Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker, Blink by Ted Dekker Favourite music Clannad, Christian Worship Music, Almost everything by Moya Brennan, Gordon Lightfoot, Folk-rock, Claude Debussy