Cynthia Fong

Hmmm... what to write for those who care to read bios? I enjoy writing, eating, sleeping, playing videogames, watching anime etc. I dislike idiots who leave offensive comments without good reason, people who refuse to use any sort of punctuation ever, math, asparugus etc. :) Generally, most of my drawings are done with pencil or color pencil and possibly colored/tweaked in Photoshop. I'm trying to learn how to properly/effectively use color pencils and improve in computer coloring. Most of my inspiration comes from books I've read and computer games. I'm also a slightly loopy member of the gryphon guild (even if I'm usually only lurking). You might notice that I tend to have alot of gryphon pictures ^_^ Ummm... there's not much else to say except that I love comments! Critisism (helpful ones mind) is good! So Pleeeease Comment!!! Links: Melissa Ng *Update* There isn't much new, but I just had to remove some of the pictures that made me cringe :)