I Love most things with the title Fantasy be it books, art or Movies.My favorite Fantasy books include but are not limited to, the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Wheel of Time series and the All of the Dark Elf trilogies by R.A Salvator.most of my Art is inspired by one or another of my favorite fantasy books/movies.I love music mostly classical or soundtrack music, the Lord of the rings soundtrack as well as the chronicles of narnia and Black Hawk down are among my favorites.I love art and I know mine is still quite Juvinile but I think the only way to improve is to practice!  I express myself through my art so I enjoy it immensly and hope it is enjoyable to others to.Thank you for checking out my profile! I like I Love horseback riding , reading, writing and hiking as well as photography and hunting. I love working with animals, training horses and dogs for stunts is something I love. I have 5 horses 4 dogs and 2 cats :) Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings is in my opinion on of the most powerful and amazing movies ever made :) The chronicles of Narnia had an innocence that was just captivating and I really enjoyed it as well :) As far as TV shows the only Fantasy one I ever found that I truly loved was Legend of the Seeker :) Favourite books my favorite fantasy books include but are not limited to, The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, All of the Dark elf books (28 in all I think), the Sword of Truth books and the chronicles of Narnia. the reason these books make it on my top favs list is because I think they were all unique in there own way and were very powerful and moving. I don't find a lot of value in your average Love story fantasy novel, just not my type. Favourite music Classical and Soundtrack music is my favorite. The Lord of the rings and NArnia soundtracks are quite amazing as well as the Gladiator and Black Hawk Down soundtracks.