The motto that best defines me is "I will be a fairy princess till the day I die". Before I knew what fantasy novels and RPGs were I believed in fairies, monsters, and occasionally that I was a brave warrior from another dimension sent to this world to learn how to fight for my people (or at least, that was a favorite playground game of mine...). Discovering ElfQuest, fantasy novels, and AD&D (in that order) was a lot like coming home for me. The characters I've created in written stories and in roleplaying games and computer games have left footprints - big and small - throughout my heart. Thus gave me great joy to finally be able to draw those characters! Of course, once I started drawing my characters I found it was fun to draw them for other people as well so many of the character portraits you see in my gallery are for others.  As for the facts 'n dates ... I grew up in Maine, got a degree in Biology from Mount Holyoke College, and am a QARC Engineer for a software company (yay for day jobs!). My name "Foxeye" was given to me by my husband back in 1999 when we first met because my eyes (and hair) are the same color as those of a red fox. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Kael of six years, two cats Scruffy and Miroku, a 2001 Toyota Prius named "Mutt", the spirit of an evil chocolate-covered donut named Merve, and several mischevious gremlins that like to change the settings of my Painter brushes and cause Netflix videos to arrive in the wrong order. The daughter of a musician and a biologist, stories are my Joy and wilderness is my Sanity. My current project is Jungle Fire, an online graphic novel I'm writing with my husband, though I still find some time for other art.