im,... err... musical. i play guitar, cello, bass guitar, violin, piano, sing and double bass. i have quite a busy life but i draw when i can. i also do photography. im a metalhead and i dont... really... well im not that interesting tbh xD  I like guitar (my ibanez Delilah <3), metal and rock music. drawing (no shit Sherlock) Favourite movies hellboy, Reign of Fire, Eragon, Dragon Heart, Pirates of the Carrabian, The Last Unicorn Favourite books Dragons Treasure, Eragon, Eldest, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit OOOO AND TWILIGHT!!!! EDWARD IS SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!! Favourite music Rammstein, Muse, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Iron Maiden, Metallica, apocalyptica, queen, megadeath, motorhead, alice cooper, slayer, thin lizzy, anything with an upbeat rythem that i can headbang to! XD.