D. Francis

I'm D. Francis and I'm a Junior in High School. I like to write but don't do it very often. I also love to draw, but I don't have an Elfwood account for my art. I especially like to write poetry, but I can only do it when I'm inspired and not just on demand(this is why I have written so few poems). Please give lots of criticism, I can only improve from here.

The Aklinnor

This is a poem that I wrote that goes along with a story that I'm currently writing. It's about a powerful gift to man from the Gods called the Aklinnor - a medallion which holds power over the elements themselves. Read the poem to see what man did with it. I wrote this one in a hurry and I'm not sure if I like it. Quite a few of the lines are akward. Let me know what you think

The Aklinnor: Chapter One

This is the first chapter of the book I'm currently trying to write. It's based on the poem I wrote with the same name. The prologue it that poem. It pretty much explains the story. Comments are MUCH appreciated.

From the Darkness

This is a short poem about the struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. It does have some allusions to Christianity, but the main theme is just the ongoing battle in general. I'm also starting a story based on this poem

Man's Redemption

This is basically a story about the life of Christ. Now, I know, some of you are thinking, 'What is this doing on a fantasy website?' Well, let's think about this. Is Greek mythology(a religion) acceptable? Yes. Is Roman mythology(a religion) acceptable? Yes. Is Egyption religion acceptable? Yes. Good, class. 100%. Well if those are o.k., why not a Christian based theme. Sorry to rant, but just wanted to say that right off the bat, so please, just comment on the poem itself, not whether or not it should be here. Thanks and enjoy