Frank Jr.

I first started out drawing comic book style characters and that changed when I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. I began drawing my own characters and then those of other players. I designed and wrote "Lords Of  The Sword" a comic book which I was unable to get published. I did however get a copywrite on it and my characters. I spent time in the Air National guard where I was a graphic artist for ten years doing many designs for advertising and painting of murals, logos, static aircraft displays and the like. In a National Military Art compitition I took first place for graphic illustration of  an F-16 fighting Falcon. I also was able to design a tail flash that was put on the tail of  an F-16 which flew the no fly zone between Turkey and Iraq some of the images may be found at under my name. I also do portraits and write poetry along with pictures of wildlife. My first love however is fantasy and scifi art. I love strange creatures dragons and the many strange and unusual clothing, armor and weaponery.  But... still trying to make it as a professional artist, its a tough field out there.