Linda Hägg

Ohh, Hi! Welcome to my little place in this world, full of talanted artists... ^_^ Well, I am known as Vildalv, or Wildelf (stupid translation!) and I'm a girl (though I feel like a Uvanimo) who love to draw, mostley sketches, but sometimes even in colour, although I'm not good at it, it's always fun to try ;) Mostely I draw fantasy, but nowadays its most manga... And though I'm a little lost in the beautiful and lovely mangaworld, I enjoy it a lot! Sadly I can't update so often *wants a scanner ;)* Well, I'm crazy about vampires, elves and dragons too... And I spend my days dreaming about beautiful things, out of this pale and boring world... Well, there's more to come about me, but I'm in a hurry right now (in da schoool ;) I shouldn't be doing this at all... but... )) But I'll write more seriously later... ^hugz^ Take care, will ya!