Derek Freeman

I am an amateur artist in the traditional sense of the word. There was a time, believe it or not, when the word 'amateur' meant someone who is passionate about something, who does something out of love, not to get paid. In this sense, Leonardo da Vinci was an 'amateur' architect, engineer, etc. So that said, I like creating works of art, even if I don't get paid. As you can see, most of my art has a kind of comic book feel, but I don't really limit myself to any one style. Early influences include anime and manga, but I gradually weened myself off that, and lately I've been looking at a lot of Chinese and Japanese painting. Some of their inking styles (I emphasize SOME) have rubbed off on me. Anyway, feel free to comment, question or criticize anything you see. (I have a bachelor's degree in art, I'm used to taking criticism!)