Gregory Nicol

I'm French. From Brittany to be more precise. The land of cold winds and proud stones that smile at the waves. The land of all kind of Faeries (do you know Broceliande, Merlin, King Arthur,... it's close from where I live). I often go in the forest with a pen in my hand and draw the unicorn I meet. That's how I've learn to draw. Looking at the nature around me (inside me ?) and put it on a piece of paper... I sometime see dragons, sometime it's a sexy nude girl, a sword, an elf... I've never take other lessons. And recently, I've started to use my computer to modify some of my sketches. Maybe I can do something pretty good with this big shit called 'PC' ;o). I'm the kind of guy who's never satisfied by his work. I always see in my pictures a lot of 'things to fix'. But I think that it means that, as long as I will see my problems, my art will improve. I've just begun to learn... The fantasy artists I like the most are Luis Royo, Brom, Keith Parkinson, Lidwine. I've also seen some very good work at Elfwood's... Today 2000-10-24 : I'm sorry, I still don't have any update to show you... Why not ? Too much work !!!