Barbara Rohrer

A picture of me will have to be of a dwarf. For some reason I feel that it best fits me... so... a dwarvish picture. Frankly.. I think beards ought to become fashion. Drawing, and to a lesser degree painting, have always been part of my life.It's a hobby and occasionally comes in handy. I don't have any particular interests subject wise, but I am best at realistic scenes with a bit of action. The past few months have contained many character studies for people on a Tolkien site, so bear with me when the gallery looks somewhat onesided. There are hours I can spend on pencil drawings during my work, but there is very little time for coloring. I will get there... one of these days.Update: After a long hiatus I have posted my newest creations. Since life has become a lot more demanding recently I switched from drawing to photomanipulations. It's more a matter of diligence rather than art, I know that, but I still hope people can see the story in the pictures.