I'm 20 (man I'm old!!) and I'm an Australian university student who loves anime and manga. And look! A self-portrait that looks nothing like me...oh well it's cute. The anime that's had the biggest influence over my drawings would have to be Sailor Moon. It was the first anime I ever saw and I started out just doing fan art. I've moved away from that now and I draw my own characters, or things people request. Unfortunately even if anyone is crazy enough to want to request something I really can't say yes due to the unrealiablity of me ever having time to do it. By the Bye, I'm Christian, and I'm sure that influences some of my drawing. Please don't let that make you believe that I'm not interested in you or your art or comments if you're not, or that I'm gonna force my belief on you with strange mind powers or something. *lol* having mind powers would be kinda cool though... Oh yeah and the other thing that influences my art would be myth, especially Greek myth. I'm currently at uni so lots of work and not much time for art :( I think the priorities here are all wrong...however that's the way it is. I do what I can...I have also just got engaged (YAY) and while I've very happy, fiances tend to take up lots of time!! I realise I haven't posted (or even drawn) anything for what seems like centuries, but I'm working on it.