Lottie Burnett

Hullo! Just another hobbit who likes to doodle the characters from Lord of the Rings. I like both the books AND the movies, so my drawings will usually (attempt to) resemble the actors - though sometimes I draw them a bit different - but will sometimes be illustrations (cartoony or no) from the book. I'm sorry if my drawings don't look like the actors close enough, it's difficult when everyone knows what these characters *should* look like. But, I tried, kay, please don't be mean or I shall never get any of these coloured! =] For now, I present to you a couple of drawings of the hobbits. I mostly draw hobbits, but I will get to drawing the other characters (honest)! I will also try to get some coloured pictures up when I can. Not that I have any yet... I'm working on that see. Right-o, you've all had enough of my rambling I'm sure! Well, thanks for stopping by! ^-^ *!~~Pippin rules~~!*