Frida Dahlin

Hej! I'm 17 and live in Sweden. I love fantasy! There's nothing as good as a fantasy book, but I also like fantasy role playing and computer games. World of Warcraft, Oblivion and The Sims are examples. Sometimes I draw things and sometimes I write things. I hope you like my work! The real world is limited - Why don't you enter mine? Favourite books På ödets vingar, Så långt vingarna bär...

The Life of a Dragon - Part 2

Ok, worst parts are over now: The saddest part and the most confusing part.Here comes the creation of my new life as a human.I hope you don’t mind my way of writing, I’m not really aware of the rules…

The Life of a Dragon - Part 1

Yeah, that's right.How often do you see a dragon keeping a journal?Never?Dragons tend to keep to themselves, and an obvious reason is also that they can't use a pen, but of course they have powerful magic, so that shouldn’t stop them…I will tell you some of the secrets I suppose, but I'm going to start off with the boring story of how I came to be who I am today.

Playing with Gods - Part 1

Jolay's parents died when she was just a little girl. She's gifted with these real dreams that come directly from reality and they make her think that there seams to be a hidden threat against the kingdom...

Siccel and Olive

Something I just wrote, I dont know if it's that good, but at least its something.

Playing with Gods - Part 2

This is how Jolays jurney contieues. I finally got it done! I hope you enjoy it!