Rachel Fritzsching

Well, its been about 8 years since i've submitted ANYTHING to this site, and one day i got a few emails from here, and i was like, whoa i still have an account so i came back ^_^ I am now 23 years old, goin to college n working my ass off to survive in this cruel world. I am the epitomy of the starving artist. But i shall resubmit more current artwork considering i have been lookin back on my old crap and i'm like "wow, this stuff is pretty bad." Hopefully i can find some time out of my life, currently it is being consumed by The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (yea i know it came out three years ago but i just got a PS3 so nyah) to create new paintings and stuff. but yeah, enjoy the old crud for now. ^_^ I like Drawing, Painting, Photoshop CS3, Oblivion, food (when i can afford it lol), PS3 Favourite movies I have most Scifi tv shows. But i have lotsa fav movies like Stargate, Sunshine, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix series...and the list goes on and on Favourite books ummmm....i'm lazy and dont read much but i did enjoy the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, The Stand Favourite music Rap and Metal i'm not going to even start listing my fav musicians