Tony Fusco

At 26, I can describe my profession as 'career student'. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and have been inspired by artists such as Frazetta, Escher, Giger, Hildebrandt, Rockwell (it's an endless list... good artists inspire me, but those just mentioned hold particular favor for various reasons). Fantasy and horror have always been a passion for me, and the list of inspiring books, from Stephen King to Robert Jordan, is innumerable. For the longest time I've always had a hard time sharing my work with others (call it shyness or stupidity), but I hope to break past that and get some honest opinions of my stuff. Many of the characters are actually characters I played in various roleplaying games or other peoples characters I thought would be interesting to make (Yes, I'm a gamer, please don't hold that against me). My reason for doing digital art? Simple. Electronic files are much cheaper than new pencils,pens, inks, brushes and reams of paper. But drawing with a mouse still sucks. Now that I have a working scanner I hope to put some of my 'hard' media up for critique as well.