Spacecrafts: Spaceship Lakorium III-2 (Dreamworld-unrelated)

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This is a spaceship I've been working on for the past few days. I call it the Lakorium III version 2 (and yes, there have actually been two Lakorium spaceships before, and a Lakorium III version 1). It doesn't blend into any storyline, so it's mainly just a bit of fun, and out of context again. I've probably made more off-topic than on-topic pics by now... ^_^;; Anyway. If you're interested in my explanation as to how this would all be supposed to work, please read on. On the other hand, if you really don't give a toss, please feel free to ignore it. The first number indicates the user interface. Whereas the former two Lakoria were both piloted by means of a telepathic connection, mentally uniting the pilot with the ship, the LIII-2 has a more standard interface. It consists of two panels, whereon the pilot is supposed to put his hands, so that the ship can read his intentions by analysing the flow of life energy in the hands (this may sound tricky, but it's fairly easy to get used to). This method is a tiny little slower than the telepathic system, but it takes less concentration and less telepathic skill, and it's still among the fastest ways to communicate (faster than using a keyboard, for sure). There is also an emergency voice recognition system that can be activated upon saying a password, which might save your life in situations where you can't reach the panels. Number two shows the material generator, which can produce anything that is coded in the software of the computer and is smaller than the machine itself. By converting energy to matter, this advanced piece of Fyrian technology takes care of oxygen circulation and provides food and drinks for the crew, but it can also provide tools for repairing broken parts of the ship (it might be a smart idea to take some tools with you anyway, though, because you'd be in trouble if the generator itself breaks and you're not equipped to repair it). Users could also create their own generation routines, so basically you could make the machine generate anything if you know the build of the object. The room at number three is the machine room, which is basically the heart of the ship. It contains an inertia manipulator, anti-gravity engines, a zero point energy reactor and a shield generator all joined into one machine. The inertia manipulator is the main propulsion system of the LIII-2. By taking away approximately all the inertia of the ship, this machine can accelerate the ship from complete standstill to up to five times light speed in less than a second with minimal use of energy, without having the passenger endure G-force. Also, it can function as a shock breaker; without inertia the ship could crash into anything at any speed without sustaining any damage at all. The anti-gravity engines are only of use within the gravity field of a planet or any other celestial object, to ensure unhindered movement under all circumstances. The zero point energy reactor takes energy from the vacuum around the ship, providing the ship with the energy needed for the life support systems (i.e. heating, light etcetera), the weapons (see below) and all other machinery. It has quite a high capacity, but under extreme circumstances (like accelerating the ship to an extreme degree, using the weapons at full capacity and running an advanced generation protocol at the same time) it can be overloaded, after which it cannot be used for a time (which is quite dangerous because this will stop all life support systems). The shield generator is still being worked on; I haven't thought out how to make this work yet but it must be there. Although the LIII-2 is primarily a long distance travel ship, it is equipped with a pair of anti-matter particle beam cannons, indicated at number four. They have an adjustable capacity ranging from 20 to 7500 Antarach each, which is respectively the power of a subtle and quite harmless warning blast, and roughly twice the force needed to burn right through anything with the size and density of our moon. The blue material covering the middle and back of the hull is a second layer of reinforced Áràn Tríl, giving increased protection to the bedrooms and machine room. In fact, the machine room is even covered with a third layer, to ensure maximal safety for the crucial equipment located there.

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