Gabrielle L. Dorney

Hey everyone! I am one of the younger artists on elfwood, I'm 13 years old, therefore, my picture is misleading. Besides from drawing, I love to unicycle and ride horses. I listen to country and classic rock. My favorite singer is Shania Twain and my favorite band is Sugarland. I like to draw things for my friends when they ask me, and as well for my own amusement. I can be patient when I want to be, so you will most likely see alot of detail in my drawings. I like dragons and wolves mostly but I also draw whatever I feel like, mostly anthros now. My scanner is evil and warps some of the colors, just  so you all know. Some other things about me, I am a vegitarian, I can juggle, I play the double bass, I love Shakespear, and I have a twin sister named Jackie. All of my friends and teachers rock! I would be nothing without them! It would be appreciated if you would leave a comment about my drawings,like on what could be better, ect. Tips are wanted!  Update as of Wednsay, May 24, 2006: I uploaded some new colored dragons, including Kuro, which is one of my favorites. I hope to get more comments as well. I also hope to get better with each update. I am trying now to have a 'theme' for each drawing, such as woodland or aquatic. Update as of Tuesday, June 6, 2006: I added a few colored ones and some gryphons I am satisfied with. Go me! I also added a picture of myself. Not up to date though, obviously, but I hope it makes some people smile. Update as of Saturday, December 2, 2006: Whoa! When was the last time I was on here? I've been busy lately, I've deleted some drawings I don't like, and added some wolves! Yes! WOLVES! I thought they were cool, grabbed a pencil and whaamoo!! Fun with wolves!  I wont forget about my dragons, but focusing on the puppies right now. Please comment to tell me what you think of them! Update as of Wednesday, January 11th, 2007: Happy New Year! Added some Christmas wolves and dug out some dragons! Enjoy! Update as of Tuesday, May 1st, 2006: Howdy yall :3 It's too bad it takes so long to update, aaanways, been workin with anthros :D It's alot of fun, and I'm gettin good at it :D Take a look at em, tell me whatcha think!