Hi, everyone!This should be my bio...Uhs... Don't know. Eeehm... Let's see. I'm a not-at-all-that-girly girl from Hungary, was born in 1990, am in the third grade of highscool, am rather proud of my 96% final exam in German, I love metal music lm/_  (>,,,, books of Tolkien, worship artists like Edward Burne-Jones, Alphonse M. Mucha, M. C. Escher, Alan Lee, etc., and have a cat (he's the sweetest thing on Earth... To be honest, he WAS the sweetest thing. He turned out to be a cruel beast).I like colours, especially purple, crimson, green, silver (go, go, Slytherin!) and black. (OK, I know that's not a colour.) However, I rarely colour my pictures, it's just so much easier in shades of grey with black and silver... (This means that I am lazy as hell.) And somehow it makes the work look a bit cleaner, calmer, like a sad dreamworld.I've been member of the day ( 27. 11. 2007.) so here you go with a huuuuge THANK YOU!!!!!!There are two things I'm really good at: sleeping and eating. Fortunately, sometimes my drawings turn out to be quiet good, too...  have a look at them, leave comments, do as ye will... (as long as it harms none:)  See you!Ps.:I'm still struggling with learning English, so please, be patient if I make any mistakes in the descriptions.