Melanie Albert

COMPLETE OVERHAUL!!! Yep, it was about time I got off my butt and cleaned out this gallery!  There are so many new pictures you people haven't seen yet!  And so much stuff has HAPPENED to me!  Where to even start!  Well first, about the art;  most of the new colored stuff was not colored by me.  They were colored as a gift from two friends of mine;  JFB, who works as a comic book colorist (and does awesome work on it too!  Be sure to check out the Sacred Circle comics, as well as some Street Fighter stuff, among others!) and his girlfriend Nadi.  They are AWESOME at coloring, and they flatter me by praising my work and saying they're the pics they prefer to color any day, hands down.  Happy day for me!    Some of the stuff was colored by yours truly, but honestly, I hardly try anymore.  How can I compare with that level of coloring?  It's like, WOW!  Well, just have a look and you'll understand. So, in my own life, I'm a married woman now.  My name is no longer Gallant, it's ALBERT!  I've also moved back to the town where I went to college, because I've landed myself a job as an animator!  YEAH!  So I've worked on cartoons that air on TV, and I get to see my name in the credits!  I. Am. Ecstatic.  I worked on Caillou, on Odd Job Jack, and now on Carl2 ...  We've got some big projects coming our way too, but I am not allowed to talk about those.   Anyway, enjoy the new arts!  Be sure to leave me comments, this place is drying up worse than a desert!  ^_^