Renèe aka: cozzybob

Name's cah-zee-bob. That's right. Not 'cozy,' it's cah-zee. Hehehe, got ya didn't I? Yes, yes... I know. I'm evil. But I do respond to each and every one of my fabulous comments. Really, I do! Try it! It's the cool thing to do these days! Don't just sit there, move it! Comment til blood forms on your forehead and your fingers become raw! COMMENT! COMMENT! COMMENT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Note: I live in a tower of poo on Planet Bob. *nod* Bob is my muse. He's a purple evil fuzzle and he wants to take over the world. He's going to take it over, but I'm going to rule. Sweet huh? If you're nice and leave tons of comments I'll make sure you get a position in the courts. Heh. Bob is evil, but not evil. He likes comments. You wouldn't want to dissapoint my dear little bob would you? Updates: This place needs lots of work and lots of updating (especially since it's my main gallery), so I have several updates on the way for you all. I deleted most everything in here, but it's all filling back up quickly with much better quality stuff. I'm working on a story called Coin Toss, which will take up at least 10 chapters, so get ready for some heavy reading. haha ^^; Please read the first chapter and tell me what you think!! Everything in this entire shelf has been renovated and redone in celebration of the merge, so even if you've already read something, read it again! haha. Love you all. Yep. *nod* Check out my dA, if you want to see some more recent stuff. I don't write a lot of fantasy so this place tends to get a little abandoned sometimes. But I'll always reply to your kind comments. So comment! NOW!! Hehe ^^; Other Super Cool Mad Cackling Loonies in the Wood: Maria Alf Azi-Chan (SF&F, FQ) Logan (SF&F)

The Story Book Boy

I used to go to vo-tech during high school, a career/technical/vocational school. I was taking nursing (which I ended up hating and dropping out of). I would eat lunch there, and me and my friend would usually sit at the same table everyday. One day while we're eating there was this guy--a big guy--who sat at the other end of our table and he pulled out a book. He was the thick-glassed dorky lookin' big guy type that looked a magnet for bullies. Note: that pretty much decribes me in girl form. Haha. He ended up eating at our table for many days straight on and he'd never move, just sat there reading for a solid half hour (we had long lunches at vo-tech). I never had the guts to ask him what he was reading. I was dying to know, because he was really into it. It was a paperback, a really thick one, and he was in the middle of it. Once when my friend was absent, he sat directly across from me. I found myself in a state of hysteria, I HAD to know. So I bent down low, peering under so I could read the cover. I couldn't make it out. The boy didn't see me, he was too preoccupied. I never made a move. I lost my chance that day because I never saw him again. At least not with the book. I wrote this poem based on that incident, thinking that I could drop it over the pages as I slipped by him and sign it as like a secret admirer type thing. But I never did. That's what happens when you never make a move. This is dedicated to my online buddy Azi-chan. I have a tradition of making a poem like this one every year for her and that thick glassed boy I never got to know. Originally written in 2002

Sasha Speaks

Sasha is a gorrilla. The theme to this is open for debate, since I really can't make up my mind. Haha. This is also dedicated to anyone who's ever watched a dog bask in the glow of the high noon sun--and joined him. Anyone can see the sky, but few ever touch it. Originally written in 2003

The Celebration of the Mirror

I wrote this one a while ago, but it's still one of my favorites. Surprised it hasn't gotten any comments. *sigh* Oh well... I like it. :p Originally written in 2003

Storybook Boy 2

I saw the old poem lying around one november night and thought that it needed a refreshing. It seemed familar to certain people, something that readers could identify with. I mean I hated the actual poem, but I liked the old friend feel to it. So I wanted to rewrite it. This is actually a rewrite of the original. It's completely different. I knew that, but I didn't care. I didn't see the answer in front of me. I dedicated it to Azi again because I had done so in the first one and thought it fair. I don't remember why I dedicated it to her--oh wait. Yeah I do. Azi came up with the name of the poem. Now that poem is a series so I guess the entire series is dedicated to her. Haha. Anyway she suggested that this is more like 'Storybook Boy 2,' that it's a continuation. Thus this lovely series was born. Now I have this wacky new tradition. Every year (just one a year, any month) I will add a new poem to the series, dedicated to Azi-chan for the name and the 'thick-glassed boy' for the inspiration. Let's see how many years pass by. This particular poem is very very dark. I don't know why, but I've been doing that recently with my work. It also ends with a period, claiming an ending. Is it really over? Is that one word really simple enough to end it? Of course not. I AM writing a new one this year after all. ~^ Originally written in 2003

Curse of a Pirate

A grusome tale of a pirate, and the story of the curse he threw upon himself. This was redone in dedication to everyone who's ever commented (or will comment) on this poem. It's really special to me because for a very long time it's been my most popular. I'd like to give that nice feeling back to you all. Thanks to all of Bluebeard's relatives and cousins and great great GREAT grandchildren and sisters. I love you all dearly. *sniffle* Aye, such a fine day to be a pirate. Originally written in 2002