Cari Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco'

S^! Im Cari J. Garafalo, but u can call me Draco! I absolutly love Hamtaro, Gundam wing, Dragon ball, DBZ, Zelda games, Zim, brushing up on my HTML, and so on. I almost always use slang and i cant spell for my life so plz excuse the tripz. I have my own home grown comix but there in ma other gallary just go 2 the scifi 1. now 2 introduce u 2 my trusty comanion! my MEGATON HAMMER!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! @-@ any time u find a really sucky video game just tell me! ^-^ ~*~whatcha been up to draco?~*~ What inspires me... I usually stare @ the stucco on my wall and see shapes n patterns, or I do it the traditional way and stare @ clouds... other wise its all 100% pure imagination and just pops up in my head on random, boring occasions (a.k.a. history and English class). My request policy... Im always welcome to requests and art trades. Hmmm... but I'm not quite at the point of selling my pictures just yet... but who knows! ^-^