Jason Gaska

WELCOME TO The COURT of FEARS!!! This is The ReALiTY my Mind lives in and Acts upon every daY. My ART is base merely on the way things CoULd be IF people switched time and altered their paths in HisTory. That is why my group of my collected Art is cAllEd 'The COURT of FEAR '. M Art started at a young age. I design tatoos and have done paintings in many places of business when I was in high school. Now I am a FREE thinking ARTIST making ART out of anything and everything that comes through my hands. My Favorite Things to DRAW, PAINT, SCULPT ,ETC. Are LIONS, DRAGONS, SPHINX,AND WOMEN of the Ages. My ART was developed by admiring JUSKO and BORIS works. And now I Put My little TwiSt to everything.