Hm... I haven't updated this in ages. I suppose its about time. I am soon to be 22 (probably will have had my birthday before this ticket goes through :P) and i am officially a graphic designer (well I will be soon). Not really anything else to say, just wish me luck in the next step of my life! Oh and check out my website, it has lots more stuff on it! Age-20 (oh god, I'm old now!) School- None, as of this semester. I hope to go to Concordia for a History Major. After that, I may go back to art college, but who knows. Occupation- HA! Hobbies- Well, I have spent the last 7 months writing and editing a novel that is now finished (well, hopefully it will be by tomorrow) Other Info.- Well... there's nothing much else to say. If you want to know more, check out my livjournal or email me. Wow, I've had this page for three years now, imagine that! I'm now 18 and finished of highschool. (YEAH!) Fantasy has been my obsession for the past 6 years, or more, I don't remember. Only in the past three years have I been interested and able to draw fantasy and... well anything else for that matter (just stickmen). I love to draw what I see both physically and mentally, though I find drawing what I see in my brain much more difficult then drawing what I see before me. I welcome comments, even those that say that my work 'sucks', it keeps me humble. Enjoy your stay, and beware of the dragon, I don't think he's all that happy.

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