The steam knight

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Gary one more angel ' s. ffitch

The steam knight is a relic of times gone by, back in the times when magic rode the earth, untamed and potent. In the years leading up to the end of the age of magic, the wizards and sorcerers were loath to give up thier hold on power. So the craftsmen of the age created warriors who could deal with the remenants of the weilders of magic. They forged mighty bodies of iron and mithril, the star metal. Then they imbued these bodies with life by using the same power they were built to eradicate, magic. The steam knights gained rudimentary sensience, and were told commanded to seek out and destroy the last remains of magical men and women in the land. Eventually they succeeded in thier task and the original builders celebrated them, but after a while the novelty wore off and as they had no more purpose they were cast aside on the scrap piles, they had laboured themselves out of use in thier masters eyes. After spending some time on the scrap piles, they began to look back with horror and realise what they had done, realise the innocent blood on thier hands thier masters had commanded them to spill.They were ashamed to realise that they had eradicated the very power that had given them life. Most of the knights took themselves and destroyed thier own bodies in shame, extinguishing thier life forever. But some set out to redeem themselves, to pay back the blood they had shed. But wherever they went they were met with fear and prejudice, any village they tried to help met thier aid with hammers and pitchforks. Now only one remains, the first of the knights, and the last, seeking to redeem an entire lost people himself. His body is ancient, but his resignation to his duty is as strong as the day he saw it, and he has learned to make repairs on himself as much as he may. Man, that's my longest story yet.

Published More than a year ago

Category Science fiction

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