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            “No!” Cardboard Hut cried, jumping to her feet, but she was too late. Dave had already fired.             --or tried to.  The bazooka recoiled, spluttered and smoked, but in a moment of perfect deus ex machina, it had run out of ammo.              Cardboard Hut didn’t let this moment of luck go to waste.  She high-kicked the gun expertly out of Dave’s hands, kicked off the arch and caught the bazooka as it spun through the air.  She passed over his head, meaning to bludgeon him with the long purple nozzle, but he dodged as she swiped at him from above.  Allowing her momentum to carry her to the other side of the archway, she kicked off again, this time pushing upward and swinging herself on top of the portico. ...               “Heads up, Dark!” Cardboard Hut called.  Dark Horse whirled around just in time to duck as Dandelion Dave flew through air to land on top of Silver Spoon and Shade Darker.  Hut front flipped off the portico and straightened up next to Dark Horse, throwing the now smoking purple bazooka aside.             “Still had a little juice,” she said with a wry smile, “And I still had a duct tape ball.  Got ‘im right in the gut…."- (excerpt from Trench Coats and Love Notes, a story by ME) Cardboard Hut is a genius mechanic, if she does say so herself *ehem* and has invented everything from dork-proof glass to a Too-Real-To-Be-Virtual (TRTBV) Training Simulator, to the dreaded IJQ (can't give away what that stands for just yet, tee hee). All the agents at The Agency not only have a specialty (engineering in her case), but they must be able to fight as well.  With her well-stocked, many-pocketed pants she can kick trash and take names like nobody's business, though in this scene she fights the dreaded Dandelion Dave (unfortunate green-faced victim of a chlorophyll accident) with her pockets quite empty ('cept for a duct tape ball).  That spike on her braid ain't just for show neither -- it can be deadly, though she usually keeps her hair tied up in a bun to keep it out of her way as she works. Anyway, her rival is a very hairy ballerino who calls himself Ballerina Man and likes to dress himself and others (Like poor Mountain Thunder, the winged horse) in pink tutus and ribbons. I don't know if I've quite emphasized the fantasy element in this.  Well, you see, this is a character from a sci-fi story that includes winged horses and crazy green men and psychics and a magic cat with nine-gazillion lives (ok, so Olga may not be magic...just lucky). To understand a bit more, check out the other secret agent pics in my gallery. :) Acrylic 8x10    

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