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Glo Bug' Bowden

Meet Cezar, the RPG creation of elfwood artist Ffranses 'Ffelix' Medland.  This is my half of an art trade. I'll post a link when she finishes. :) And yes, I have her permission to post. Here's the description she gave me. As you can see I took a few...ah... liberties. See,  I read the description through a number of times, but then I just started drawing and let my own imagination and tastes carry me without orienting myself once in a while.  I have learned my lesson. Name: Cezar Gender: Male Age: 17 Specialties: Thievery and making the most of available resources. He is also a very fast runner. Weaknesses: He doesn’t like to do manual labor and can be rather lazy at times opting for the easy/less bothersome way of doing things. He’s a very self conscious person both in looks and how he appears in front of others. Weapons: Cezar carries two daggers less than 12 inches long each, one inside his boot on the right leg, and the other attached to his belt on his left side. He also has a small pocket knife with three small blades, about two inches long, that fold up like a Swiss army knife into its Mother of Pearl case. Personality: He’s fairly quick witted and assesses situations before deciding on a plan of action. He likes to toy with peoples emotions and find their limits and weaknesses. Cezar is rather vain and can be quite selfish, more often than not, thinking of himself before others. He cared about the few friends he once had and still bares a liking for company but prefers solitude. He doesn’t open up to many people, proffering to keep his true feeling and intentions to himself. Background: He was brought up by his father after his mother left for another man when he was 3. For a time he helped his father run their family mill until he was 13, when they had an argument and he fled home leaving his Sister, father and brother to look after it without him. He has since been wandering from town to town, making friend in many places and getting by, making a decent living out of Pick pocketing/ stealing and generally swindling naïve people out of their hard earned cash and goods. Appearance: He is 5 foot 7 inches and a slim but stealthy build. His usual attire is a grey cotton shirt usually partly unbuttoned on dry days. His brown denim-like trousers are tight but allow easy movement, with a thin faun belt with an ornate silver buckle in the shape of a Spade. He has knee length brown boots that fold over just bellow the knee with a small metal fastening at the top. He has bright Hazel eyes set into a pale heart shaped face with, more often than not, a kind but unreadable expression. He has long grey/black hair that falls just bellow his shoulders. Cezar’s coat is also Hazel, it falls just below the knee, with turned up cuffs and a large-ish collar that comes up to just below his ears. Just above the cuffs are two small leather straps on each sleeve for no other reason than decoration. It fastens just across the chest with a single metal fastening that matches his belt buckle. And finally, yet again for pure decoration, two leather straps that go over  each shoulder, connected to the metal fastening.

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