One Last Glance

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Glo Bug' Bowden

UPDATE 11/10/07: Based on a suggestion from one of the commenters, I've fixed her mouth and face a little bit. Alright, first of all, if you haven't read through Part VI of my story Trench Coats and Love Notes, I absolutely FORBID you to read below this paragraph, or to look at the picture itself. Are we clear? This is like, the ULTIMATE spoiler.  I probably shouldn't even post it on here, but there are enough Trench Coats fans who've read all the way through, that I thought I'd share. :P I guess if you have no intention of reading Trench Coats you can look at this, but seriously you should read it. I'm very proud of that story -- a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it. It's about secret agents and all sorts of cool stuff -- winged horses, psychics, unbreakable glass slippers...the list goes on. So go read it! It's fun! Fun fun fun!   Ok.  For the rest of you who have read through part VI (which is still my favorite part, closely followed by Part VIII , and part XI, which has yet to be published), this is my rendition of the Mnemosyne PMWARD in all its sparkly majesty.  Cardboard Hut is looking one final time at her friends before...*sniff*...well, you know.   Hut sank to about midway in the tank and then floated there.  She chanced a look at her friends through the glass and smiled at them.  They could not smile back.  She looked too much like a shipwrecked ghost, floating in the water all in white with her hair waving like a tangle of seaweed.                   “Initiate Memory Extraction,” Tinkerbell said.             “Initiating,” Wratchet replied, pressing a button, “Memory Extraction underway.”             Another bolt struck the water in the tank and Hut closed her eyes as a thousand tiny gold lights floated away from her.  They cycloned around her person, casting beautiful and haunting shadows on the walls.             “Memory Extraction complete,” Wratchet reported.   Wow. This poignant moment is only described in a few sentences. I've got to rework that, methinks. Though I guess the moment in the story described there isn't what this picture depicts. Hut's not smiling -- she's looking back at them for the final time before they initiate the TF. And she knows what's coming. I wouldn't be able to smile either. Too many sparklies? I kinna like it like this. Without the smaller sparklies it looked like it was missing something. And anyway, Hut's got a lot of memories to record/erase. The tank would be chock full of them.  

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