Chantal Smart

love dragons. and fantasy creatures!!Jy Bvejyoq!!!!!ce ce!cant find me on the list of who has been tag a fav...gotto pg 600!!!i can be one plays rugby with me. :(i have been drawing dragons since i was 6. i need to improve some of them and have been so. also need to finish them like add a background and making jewerly! i can  just sit there for hours!! Literly!!i have cats, a dog, fish, yabbies, worms and bugs plus the odd dragon that hangs around my home.lova all fantasy creatures!!! I like Dragons and dragons. Fantasy creatures and drawing them! Magic. traveling and camping. Favourite movies Dragon Heart. Dragons and Dungeons. Not so much the eragon movie now that ive read the book. Charmed other movies with with dragons... Favourite books Dragon's tear. Fire star. Eragon(much better than the movie!!!) Eldest. Now that i read all of it, brisenger Favourite music most stuff (with lyrics) execpt rap and stuff like rap