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 This is one of the many bug fakemon for Pokemon Opal/Mercury, which takes place in Moann: Land of the Dragons.SkuriteType: Bug/Light (Yeah Light and Sound are two new types in Moann)Classification: Glow Bug PokemonPokedex Entry: Skurite are often found crawling on the forest floor at night while they're fluorescent abdomens give off a beautiful light. This makes them very easy for predators to spot them, therefore, they have developed a built in defense system. At will, a Skurite can squeeze it's abdomen and squirt out the fluid inside into a predator's eyes with perfect accuracy.Inspiration: Aphid, Lightning BugManditeType: Bug/LightClassification: Glow Worm PokemonPokedex Entry: This Pokemon enjoys climbing and digging into trees where it builds it's nests, illuminating the dark caverns with it's bioluminescent abdomen. It has learned how to "turn off" it's light, which it frequently does to confuse any dangerous creatures that may come lurking into their homes.Inspiration: Termite, Glo Worms (Those toys from the 80s I think they made a come back though )FlamiteType: Bug/FireClassification: Fire Ant PokemonEvolution: Given a Fire StonePokedex Entry: Every so often, a Mandite's fluorescent fluids heat up and actually become flammable. In such cases, it evolves into a Flamite and with the rise in heat signature, also comes the rise in temper that Flamite are famous for. Many forest fires are started by a Flamite who had lost it's temper at an attacker.Inspiration: Fire Ants and gel candles.Pokemon is copyrighted to Nintendo and Creatures Inc.These guys are copyrighted to me.

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