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 Name: ElianaSpeciality: Flying Type PokemonBrief History: Daughter of a Pokemon Professor, Eliana has always been around Pokemon her entire life. Studying from her father, she had learned about diverse breeding techniques and type differences much earlier than most trainers did. She even recieved her first pokemon, a Swablu, when she was only 3 years old.Watching her Swablu fly around everywhere they went, Eliana quickly became obsessed with the thought of someday flying. Once her Swablu grew a big larger, she decided that her new goal would be to acquire badges so that she could someday be able to teach her Swablu the Fly ability as her father had taught her.She grew quickly as a trainer, putting all her knowledge into her battles while picking up new pokemon along her way. Eventually, she did master the Fly ability and for a while, gave up her search for badges just to spend her evenings in flight with her pokemon. However, one day, she witnessed a robbery from her vantage point in the sky and swooped down to apprehend the bandit. Upon discovering that the thief was the local gym leader, the townspeople became quite shocked and begged Eliana to take his place as their new gym leader. Not knowing what to say, Eliana agreed and used her abilities to test newer trainers.After a while of becoming one of the most formidable gym leaders, Eliana was asked to join the Elite Four, an assignment that she was more than happy to accept.Personality: Eliana is a dreamer at heart and is often found with her head in the clouds. She enjoys her duty as an Elite Four Member, however, she can't help but wish for open skies to soar in. To better suit her day dreaming, she has created a huge aviary of sorts for her Battle Area.Pokemon and Movesets: Altaria (Female): Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Sky Attack, Dragon PulseCrobat (Female): Shadow Ball, Toxic, Brave Bird, AttractHonchcrow (Male): Sky Attack, Dark Pulse, Double Team, Thunder WaveAerodactyl (Male): Stone Edge, Dragon Pulse, Flame Thrower, EarthquakeNoctowl (Female): Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Shadow BallNoctowl, Crobat, Altaria, Aerodactyl, Honchcrow, and Pokemon are all (c) Nintendo and Creatures Inc.Eliana is (c) Me

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