An Adventuring Party

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George Chang

A drawing for a request of my friend, for his publication of a D&D game...this was done in about 10 hours, least, though I dispersed it throughout a fortnight. Perhaps the scanner wasn't doing its job well enough, as the A2 picture was quite a well-toned one compared to all I've drawn before that. I know the druid's ear is not finished and the radiance of the crystal ball of the mage's staff is awkward, as well as the lightning and lightning ball. Perhaps it's best to give my friend's description, though I didn't draw everything exactly as it's the description: Ranger: Hood pulled down, so its around his neck, his face visible, long cloak, roughed up hair, elven (remember the ears) a long sword in his right hand, short sword in his left, both with runes on them....light chain-mail armour armour, boots, and a quiver on his back. On his fore-arms, he¡¦s got bracers. His hands are at waist height, and the swords point down, going inwards, but not crossing or touching the ground Rogue: one small crossbow in one hand, short rapier in the other, hood pulled over his head, so u cant see his face very well, dark long cloak, the little u can see of his face is evil, very evil, also leather armour, a bit shorter than the ranger, but not much, a dagger on his belt¡K Cleric: Taller than everyone. Huge battle axe in his left hand, with the blade touching the ground (double-blade, by the way). Metal Breast-Plate armour, with the symbol of a flaming sword on it. No helmet on his head, which he is holding with his left hand, taller than everyone else, a shield tied to his back. And give him a dopy face, and a small stone circling his head Mage: Staff in one hand, with a little sphere on top of it, glowing. A stone circling his head, long cloak with pattern on the sides of it, no armour, just normal clothes, lots of little bags at his waist, make his hair wavy, as if beat by a light wind, and draw a little tornado on his shoulder¡Kmake lightning crackle around the hand that isn¡¦t holding the staff Druid: second tallest in group, is dressed with light leather armour, has a bow in his hand, with arrow, like he¡¦s ready to launch it, but pointing down to the ground. Hair up to his shoulders, long cloak, and within the cloak and around his legs, 3 wolves stand, looking like they¡¦re trying to protect him, but relatively aggressive. He¡¦s got a quiver on his back, and a few pouches on his waist.

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