The Empty Suit (in color)

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

George Papantonopoulos

Had an idea for a costumed vigilante in the same basic tradition as that of The Shadow or The Spirit. Name: The Empty Suit Civilian Name: Trent Argyle Age: 34 Height: 6'1" Weight: 175 lb. Once a locally renowned news anchor, Trent Argyle ran afoul of a powerful voodoo witch. Insulted by his pompousness, the witch cursed him so that the world will only see his inner self. Argyle, as shallow and one-dimensional as he was, practically vanished on the air. All anyone could see of him was his custom-tailored suit. Completely ruined, Argyle realizes that he must find his inner self if he ever wishes to return to his old life. He decides he might do that by fighting crime, by making news rather than just reporting it. Though he is invisible he never truly uses this power, preferring to remain fully clothed (as he might say, "You know what they say-- Clothes make the man. Besides, it's too damn cold outside.") Instead, he confounds his adversaries by incessantly spouting worn-out sayings, buzz-words, and various cliches. Even more uncanny is his ability to apply any given cliche to the right situation. Example: Say he's trapped in a box. He might decide "Maybe I should think OUTSIDE the box" (probably my LEAST favorite saying). In most cases, however, he'll just annoy the bad guys to the point that they surrender just so he'll shut up.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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